brazilan sugar


What we offer

Toledo Trading Company UAE specialises in the trading of Brazilian sugar. We sell both domestically and internationally, in all varieties and pack sizes. 

We sell to food service, retail and industrial customers.

Our vision

To be the world-class sugar provider of choice. Our vision clearly indicates our focus on providing quality products and doing so in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner.

Our mission

To be a dynamic and competitive sugar provider who delivers real added value in terms of time and cost savings. We strive to be driven, and attentive and always deliver excellence

Our values

Our values are reflected in the way we do business. Integrity and honesty represent the foundations of all operations. We strive to conduct our business and ourselves in a professional manner.

Quality assurance

The sourced products are checked for quality and standards at the place of origin. Packing as per client requirements is done at the same point. We work on a strict transparency and traceability basis


As part of the youth of this country, we strive to be driven, attentive, and innovative and always deliver excellence. 

We also conduct ourselves with a policy of utmost good faith and as a result, we are determined to provide our clients with the best solution for their business.

About Brazilian sugar

A giant in the world of sugar, Brazil is currently the largest sugar-producing nation in the world. 

In 2006 it produced thirty million tonnes of sugar, which made up 20% of the world’s total sugar production. Of those 30 million tonnes of sugar, Brazil exported 17.7 million tonnes of sugar to other nations, which comprised almost 40% of the sugar trade in the world that year. 

So powerful is Brazil when it comes to sugar that fluctuations in sugar production in Brazil alone can affect world sugar prices substantially.


ICUMSA 45 standard

ICUMSA is an acronym for the International Commission For Uniform Methods Of Sugar Analysis, an international regulatory body which sets the standard for sugar analysis tests thereby creating a system that can be used anywhere on the globe to accurately and quickly describe the properties of sugar. 

This is an essential system due to the fact that the sugar trade is a global one, and often buyers and sellers will be operating in completely different parts of the world, not to mention sometimes contending with a language barrier which can complicate negotiations. 

The ICUMSA rating method allows a meaningful and accurate description of the product which can be easily understood by interested parties no matter where they come from.